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Destroy, for the sake of Destruction. Kill, for the sake of Killing.

Before you make a character on here, the character sheet on Roll20 is so much better.

What the thick-headed fools with their broken corpse of an Emperor fail to understand is that not only can they never defeat us, but they can not hide or flee or shield themselves from the triumph of Chaos. They are finite and we are unbound, undivided. They must not err, or they fall to heresy. All who fall join our cause. Every Imperial fool who dares to open his eyes is a willing recruit. They strive merely to hold back our fury and might, and it consumes them. Thus you can see Chaos is inevitable. We lurk not only beyond their grasp and at their gates; we lurk within the darkness of their souls, on the tip of their tongues, in their tortured dreams. We are them, but freed from the shackles of ignorance. We are them, grown strong… evolved. We are them, but so much more!

Black Crusade Ruleset

Black Crusade is very similar to Rogue Trader. It is different and streamlined in a way. Other ways it is a little more bulky. It’s akin to DnD 3.5 going to Pathfinder. Biggest differences:

  1. Less Skills
  2. No Classes
  3. Infamy Characteristic
  4. Dark Power Devotion

Kind of like an SRD

Home Page

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